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Since its arrival in 2013 Annette has developed to be a leading shapewear and underwear brand in the Gulf area.

How a family owned intimates’ line from as far as Colombia in South America could win the hearts of ladies in Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait, Doha or Tehran?

Latin and Arabic women do have more in common than you think. While Western shapewear brands like Spanx tend to flatten the body to hide unwanted flabs, Annette is all about being proud to shape and show your curves.

Wearing Annette under your dress makes you self-confident at any party, reception or wedding. At the same time, it provides comfort every day at work. Annette offers a wide range to cover every part of your body. Breast, tummy, hips, legs or full body– Annette meets every need of a woman to look good. From a simple pieces of underwear to a full body suite with medium, firm or extra firm compression, Annette fits you.

The bone structure of women in South America and the Middle East is similar. So, customers here can benefit from 35 years of research and development. Control through firm compression and maximum comfort - this is the secret why women experiencing Annette shapers don’t want to miss it.

The high-tech production, quality and sophisticated combination of the fabrics, flat seams and invisible zippers or seamless guarantee daily use for years without losing control and shape of the undergarment.

Annette is available online ( and in selected high-end department stores like House of Frazer (Abu Dhabi), Blue Salon (Doha) and specialized lingerie shops like Hassan Reyes (12 stores in malls all over Saudi Arabia), Anwar in Kuwait (12 stores) or Voulez-Vous (Doha).

Have a look at our shapewear online shop and request your limited 10% discount now:

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